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Euphrates Release

During the Euphrates cycle, the NetReady project will work on the following items:

  • Integration of Gluon scenario with XCI
  • Maintenance of existing Apex scenario
    • Migration to OpenStack Ocata
  • Integration of additional test cases
    1. Tests of API generation based on different models
      • No backend integration intended (no traffic)
    2. Evaluation, adaption and integration of tests of SDNVPN project for L3VPN model
  • Continuation of the requirements and gap analysis


Danube Release

During the Danube release, the NetReady project will work on the following items:

  • Solution design (main focus)
    • Design and documention of solutions addressing the gaps identified during Colorado.
    • Prototyping of corresponding solution(s)
    • Filing of blueprints for the respective upstream communities alongside the activities mentioned above

-> Most of this work will take place in the corresponding upstream communities, for instance OpenStack Gluon.

  • Evaluation
    • Definition of evaluation criteria for the proposed (and prototyped) solutions

-> Documentation of the evaluation criteria will be done in the NetReady repository.

  • Parallel continuation of requirements analysis
    • New use cases brought forward and considered interesting from a NFV perspective can be included in our requirements document or project backlog

-> Work items in this category will extend the existing requirements document.

  • OPNFV platform integration
    • Integration of Gluon into the OPNFV platform

-> The scope of this phase highly depends on the progress of the development in the upstream Gluon community.


Colorado Release

The following are the basic assumptions for the work in NetReady during the Colorado release timeframe:

  • During the Colorado release time frame, NetReady will focus on requirements and gap analyses.
  • The results of these activities will be documented and either be made available in the OPNFV Colorade-release documentation or in a separate location.
  • The project does not aim at delivering code to the Colorado release.


Based on these assumptions, the following two work items will be addressed and tracked through Jira:

  1. Phase: Collection of relevant NFV use cases including the ones listed above with the intention to focus on their requirements.
    • Planned duration: 3 months
  2. Phase: Extend the requirements document (output of stage 1) to contain a gap analysis of the current OpenStack environment (focusing on Neutron and partially Nova).
    • Planned Duration: 4 months. Input to Openstack O release summit.
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