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Gluon integration

For the Danube release, basic integration of Gluon into the OPNFV platform is planned. To this end, a new scenario os-odl_l3-gluon-noha has been defined. In terms of testing, we are attempting to comply with the following test strategy:

  • Targeted test projects
    We only target functional tests. As a result, we will focus on integration with functest only.

  • Compliance to standard tests
    Gluon is a new OpenStack networking component that complements Neutron. In its current design, Gluon integrates with Neutron based on the ML2 plugin mechanism. Hence, all standard Neutron test cases part of the smoke test suite should continue to work and shall be run against the Gluon scenario.

  • Gluon-specific test case
    We are planning to create one additional test case that is specific to the Gluon scenario. This test case will exercise a new API exposed by a "L3VPN Proton" to configure a L3VPN network service. The API is addressed through a new protonclient. The following list shows the steps included in the new test case:

    1. Create vpnafconfig object (protonclient)
    2. Create vpnservice object (protonclient)
    3. Create two base ports (protonclient)
    4. Create vpnport object (protonclient)
    5. Boot up two VMs with the baseport uuids as NIC (nova)
    6. Ping between both VMs (tbd)
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