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The NFVbench project develops a toolkit that allows developers, integrators, testers and customers to measure and assess the L2/L3 forwarding performance of an NFV-infrastructure solution stack (i.e. OPNFV scenario) using a black-box approach. 

NFVbench is available as a self-contained docker container that includes the the main application and the Trex software traffic generator.

NFVbench is agnostic of the NFV platform, the controller used (ML2/OVS, ODL...), the network stack used (OVS, OVS-DPDK, VPP, SR-IOV...) and supports VLAN and VxLAN.

NFVbench is currently widely deployed in production NFV clouds around the world by multiple service providers and is mostly used for

  • on-site integrated performance benchmarking tool, which allows instant performance measurement on every deployed NFV platform
  • precise performance planning tool with high VNF density (multi-chaining)

NFVbench is also currently used as the traffic generator solution for the CNCF CNF testbed based on CNF testbed slides.