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This project has been terminated and archived (voted by TSC on  )


The CI project provided the starting point for all OPNFV development activities. It starts by integrating stable versions of basic upstream projects, and from there creates a full development environment for OPNFV including automatic builds and basic verification. This is a very complex task and therefore needs a step by step approach.

Since the creation of Octopus project, OPNFV has evolved and initial tasks have been distributed to other infrastructure projects. The automatic build, deploy and test environment has been created and is in use on a variety of community labs.

Therefore the next major steps for Octopus project are in the area of organizing the various deployment variants of OPNFV in scenarios, defining the necessary processes and workflows and driving their support in the development environment.


All tooling for the CI pipeline is provided by the releng project and running automatically. Octopus is just defining the principles and make sure this can lead to a proper release process.

Starting with Brahmaputra release, OPNFV uses scenarios to provide the different deployment variants. Octopus provides the necessary mechanisms to work with the scenarios in long term, that is define the processes and necessary tools, so the scenarios can take their proper role in the OPNFV release process.

Octopus will also use this to define the necessary processes for DevOps releases.

Octopus Documentation

Creating/Configuring/Verifying Jenkins Jobs (PDF)

How to connect jenkins slaves (PDF)

How to use artifact repository (PDF)

CI Pipelines (PDF)

Additional Information/Links


Octopus is part of the INFRA working group, together with Releng, Pharos and security.  See more information at

Releng will provide necessary scripts to integrate scenario processes in the automated build, deploy and testing.

Scenario definition has very close relation to the installers (done in the respective projects), the lab configuration (done in the Pharos project) and the testing projects.

Scenario processes need to support all feature related projects. Therefore Octopus cannot do final decisions in project scope but prepare proposals and drive community level decisions via the TSC.


Octopus meetings have joined the INFRA meetings Weekly on Wednesday at 15:00 UTC (8am PST), see more at Infra Working Group

Urgent topics can be solven directly on IRC,  #opnfv-octopus @ Freenode.


  • Proposal for scenario related processes (lifecycle and workflows)
  • Templates for Scenario Description
  • Proposals for Scenario Consolidation

Key Project Facts

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Mailing list:; use topic filter: [Octopus] 
Repository: octopus

Technical Informations

Project Proposal

Some more details can also be found in the old version of the project proposal.

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