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OPNFV CI Use Cases

The information presented here is yet to be discussed within Octopus Team and should be seen as input to discussion unless noted otherwise.

Use cases listed here will evolve over time and new ones will be added depending on the scope of the forthcoming releases.

Candidates for Release 1

The use cases listed in this section tries to capture most basic requirements in order to get initial CI flow up and running for Release 1.

Beware that some use cases might entirely be missing so it is important that we, as a community, identify and add missing ones.

The details for some use cases might have been omitted in order not to go into specifics at this phase.

The main inputs to Octopus in Release 1 are contributions to OPNFV Gerrit and deliveries from BGS. OPNFV patches/contributions to upstream projects are not in scope.

The main deliverable of Octopus in Release 1 is aimed to be Basic Gerrit Verification and Basic Master Branch CI flows. (Please read this sentence as an input to discussion rather than a commitment as of yet.)

Please check this page to see flows.

As a ... I want

  • upstream projects identified so that I can fetch them
  • latest stable versions of upstream projects fetched so that I can run CI for OPNFV
  • software built so that I can deploy the system
  • built software deployed so that I can test the system
  • deployed system tested so that I can ensure the quality
  • build process scripted so that I can repeat the build
  • deployment process scripted so that I can repeat the deployment
  • test process scripted so that I can repeat the testing
  • scope of basic Gerrit verification settled so that I can create the flow
  • basic Gerrit verification flow in CI created so that I can get feedback from CI after I commit in OPNFV repos
  • scope of basic master branch CI flow settled so that I can create the flow
  • basic Master Branch CI flow created so that I can build, deploy and test OPNFV Reference Platform in scope of R1

Candidates for Release 2


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