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Euphrates Release Planning

The ONOSFW project will work on two major tasks:

  1.  Upstream version alignments:
    1. Integrating with OpenStack Newton, and potemtially with Gluon if it it ready
    2. Integrating with the Ibis release of ONOS to include YANG modeling language support, and VPN capabilities
  2. Create a new scanario and associated test cases for functest:
    1. os-onos-evpn-noha 



  • The scenario implememtation depends the availability and stability of the Gluon in Openstack
  • The scenario also depends on the VPN capabilities (support libaray) in ONOS Ibis Release, or the J-Release.



  • For E 5.0.0, finish all the previous os-onos-nofeature-ha support through JOID
  • For E 5.1.0, finish the new scenario

Test Considerations:


For Euphrates release, only the basic functional test of the scenario os-onosevpn-noha will be implemented. This test will be added to the functest suites.  

Since one of the dependencies is a new openstack networking component Gluon extends the Neutron, we need to ensure that the standard Neutron functions are not affected, and the smoke tests should all pass.

The scenario may also introduce two SDN controllers under one openstack domain, or may use two (openstack + SDN controller) pairs to simulation two vpn sites.  

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