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Release activities for Euphrates

  • Continue to drive cross collaborative activities together with ODL and Fdio

    • Create a common documentation template 

    • Top level domains

  • Suggest how to structure current composite documents in a more usable way

  • Create a suggestion on having a generic installation document (in collaboration with Infra?)

  • Continue to migrate opnfvdocs related content to from the wiki

Maintenance activites for opnfvdocs 

As for every release opnfvdocs strives to improve where necessary, content, usability and processes. 

  • Set up a structure and templates for document development with source control (same as source code). Leveraging upstream documentation structure and tools.

  • Following as close as possible the same contribution process & tools as our source code

  • Develop initial set of release documents:

    • Installation Instruction

    • Configuration and User Guide

    • Overview

    • Release Notes

  • Provide language guidance and document rendering options. All documents should be written in English. Available formatting is HTML and PDF format.

  • Provide processes and tooling for OPNFV projects to implement and follow for consistency

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