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Problem statement: 

The OPNFV community needs to get input from end user advisory group, marketing and technical communities on how to use these three types of documentation. Specifically on how to structure them in a way that best meets the needs of each group. The feeling of the technical community is that these three groups are not working together on a coordinated strategy for documentation. For example, some web pages point back to the wiki which points to artifacts pages. There wasn't an effort to coordinate them. 


  1. Website -
    • this documentation is externaly and/or marketing focused
  2. Wiki -
    • this documentation should be used to drive project work within OPNFV
      • meeting agendas / minutes
      • project release planning
      • interns / recruiting
      • events
  3. User documentation -
    • this documentation should include anything that impacts an OPNFV user
    • user include:
      • releases / end users
      • developer (projects specific)
      • test frameworks
      • infrastructure

We don't expect the above to change but we need some planning on to use them better. They need to be structures in more useful way. 

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