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Welcome to the OPNFVDOCS project page

Project description:

  • Support in producing documentation for OPNFV releases
  • Define guidelines and tooling for documentation handling across all OPNFV projects
  • Include any architecture diagrams or specifications, reference to OPNFV requirements list
  • Maintain the OPNFV documentation libraries 

How to work with documentation in OPNFV please look at the documentation guide

Release plan: Iruya release plan


    • Set up a structure and templates for document development with source control (same as source code). Leveraging upstream documentation structure and tools.
    • Following as close as possible the same contribution process & tools as our source code
    • Develop initial set of release documents:
      • Installation Instruction 
      • Configuration & User Guide
      • Overview
      • Release Notes
    • Provide language guidance and document rendering options. All documents should be written in English. Available formatting for Colorado release is HTML and PDF format
    • Provide processes and tooling for OPNFV projects to implement and follow for consistency

Description of roles in the documentation project:

  • Committers (Editors): has overall responsibility of document structure, editing, style and toolchains
  • opnfvdocs contributors: individual section will have contributors who are domain experts in those areas, other contributors may simply help out working on the documentation and tools as needed.
  • other projects: Committers will be responsible for maintaining documentation artifacts in project repositories.

Key Project Facts

Project: OPNFV documentation project (opnfvdocs)
Project Creation Date: March 31, 2015
Project Category: Documentation
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Primary Contact: Sofia Wallin (
Project Lead: Sofia Wallin (
Jira Project Name: OPNFV documentation project
Jira Project Prefix: DOCS
Mailing list tag: [docs]
IRC: Channel:#opnfv
Repository: opnfvdocs


Link to TSC approval of the project:
Link(s) to approval of additional committers:
* Approval of Victor Laza as a committer:
* Approval of Ryota Mibu as a committer:
* Approval of Sofia Wallin as a committer:

Additional contributors

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