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Project plan per the milestones described at Danube.


(MS0) Open Intent to ParticipateDoneComments/Status
(MS1) Planning complete (scenarios or deliverables defined)10/25/16 
(MS2) Detailed test case descriptions communicated to test project teams11/22/16 
(MS3) Installer integration with OpenStack completed11/30/16 
(MS4) Infrastructure updates completed12/6/16 
(MS5) Scenario integration and Feature Freeze completed1/13/17 
(MS6) Test cases implemented, preliminary documentation completed, and stable branch open1/26/17 
(MS7) Stable branch window close3/10/17 
(MS8) Formal test execution completed3/20/17 
(MS9) JIRA issues assigned to release closed or deferred3/22/17 
(MS10) Documentation completed3/24/17 
(MS11) Release Danube 1.0
(MS12) Release Danube 2.0
(MS13) Release Danube 3.06/8/17



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