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Project: OPNFV Lab Infrastructure

The Pharos Project deals with developing an OPNFV lab infrastructure that is geographically and technically diverse. This will greatly assist in developing a highly robust and stable OPNFV platform. Community labs are hosted by individual companies and there is also an OPNFV lab hosted by the Linux Foundation that has controlled access for key development and production activities. The Pharos Specification defines a "compliant" deployment and test environment. Pharos is responsible for defining lab capabilities, developing management/usage policies and process; and a support plan for reliable access to project and release resources. Community labs are provided as a service by companies and are not controlled by Pharos however our goal is to provide easy visibility of all lab capabilities and their usage at all-times.

Pharos Introduction on OPNFV webpage


Video: Introduction to the OPNFV Pharos Project

Pharos documentation:

Pharos project proposal: Opnfv Testbed Infrastructure

Key Project Facts

Project: Testbed infrastructure (Pharos)
Project Creation Date: January 8, 2015
Project Category: Integration & Testing
Lifecycle State: Mature
Primary Contact: Jack Morgan (
Project Lead: Jack Morgan (
Jira Project Name: Testbed infrastructure project
Jira Project Prefix: PHAROS
Mailing list tag: [pharos]
IRC: Channel:#opnfv-pharos
Repository: pharos


Link to TSC approval of the project:
Link(s) to approval of additional committers:
Via email, RT Ticket: 23593


Project Communication and Process


  • Pharos meeting logistics
  • IRC: #opnfv-pharos (Webchat)
  • Mailing List: use opnfv-tech-discuss and tag your emails with [Pharos] in the subject for filtering

Lab Policies

Lab Support


Release Artifacts and Planning


  • Pharos specification (defines Pharos compliance)
  • Lab infrastructure (tools for management and testing)
  • Lab management (process and support)


  • Pharos specification update

    • Added ARM architecture support
    • Updated specification for Colorado (PHAROS-144)
  • Update release documentation

    • OPNFV installation instructions (DOCS-154) 
  • Pharos Projects

    • progress was made on LAAS, Dashboard and Validator

Danube Release

  1. Pharos change request creation and implementation work
    • tracked via PHAROS-193
    • review this effort and define sub-tasks
  2. Lab specifications for each community lab
    • tracked via PHAROS-29 and sub-tasks
    • AR: follow up with lab owners on sub-tasks
  3. Community lab support pages
    • tracked via PHAROS-64 and sub-tasks
    • AR: follow up with lab owners on sub-tasks
  4. Installer specification for lab owners
    • tracked via PHAROS-33
  5. POD Descriptor file
    • define hardware resources in a POD
  6. Pharos Dashboard
    • plan to get at least one lab supported in the tool
  7. Pharos LAAS
    • deliver in Danube release
  8. Pharos Validator
    • deliver in Danube release
  9. Virtual deployment specification
    • create wiki pages and JIRA tasks to track this effort

Euphrates Release

  • addme


Pharos Projects

Active Projects

  1. Lab As A Service
    • This effort will provide projects with an easy way of getting started with OPNFV
  2. Dashboard
    • Development Dashboard, Monitoring and Automation Framework for Pharos Community lab to handle requests for resources from the OPNFV community at large.
  3. Validator
    • Create a tool for the evaluation of OPNFV Community labs for Pharos compliance


  • addme


Pharos Specification

Pharos Specification defines a "compliant" deployment and test environment


 Pharos Naming Conventions

Lab Resources for Developers

This section contains informationfor developers on how to access infrastructure resources for evaluating and developing OPNFV features. Note that physical lab resources are generally only assigned to approved projects. An objective of Pharos is to provide Individual developers with easy acess to virtual resources for evaluation and development purposes.

  1. Tealbox: OPNFV Tealbox is portable Data Center, built by Tranquil PC. This can be used for PoCs and Demos at OPNFV events and Trade Shows with approval from the TSC
  2. Lab-as-a-Service (Pharos Laas) provides nested Virtual Environments for access to an OPNFV deployment environments. Evaluations are in progress to provide a robust and scalable solution


Labs are hosted by the Linux Foundation and Community organizations.  

Lab Status



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