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Project: OPNFV Lab Infrastructure

The Pharos Project deals with developing an OPNFV lab infrastructure that is geographically and technically diverse. This will greatly assist in developing a highly robust and stable OPNFV platform. Community labs are hosted by individual companies and there is also an OPNFV lab hosted by the Linux Foundation that has controlled access for key development and production activities. The Pharos Specification defines a "compliant" deployment and test environment. Pharos is responsible for defining lab capabilities, developing management/usage policies and process; and a support plan for reliable access to project and release resources. Community labs are provided as a service by companies and are not controlled by Pharos however our goal is to provide easy visibility of all lab capabilities and their usage at all-times.

Pharos project proposal: Opnfv Testbed Infrastructure

Project Overview

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Pharos Documentation

Release Planning


  • Pharos specification (defines Pharos compliance)
  • Lab infrastructure (tools for management and testing)
  • Lab management (process and support)


  • Pharos specification (added ARM support and updates (PHAROS-144)

  • OPNFV installation instructions (DOCS-154)

  • Pharos Projects - LaaS and Dashboard

Danube Release
Jerma Release

Pharos Projects

Lab As A Service - This effort will provide projects with an easy way of getting started with OPNFV
Dashboard - Development Dashboard, Monitoring and Automation Framework for Pharos Community lab to handle requests for resources from the OPNFV community at large.
Validator - Create a tool for the evaluation of OPNFV Community labs for Pharos compliance

Community Labs

Labs are hosted by the Linux Foundation and Community organizations.

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