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The Enea Pharos Lab is a commonly world-wide available ARMv8 aarch64-based collection of PODs for OPNFV platform component and VNF verification.
It is based at Enea HQ in Stockholm, Sweden and currently offers access to a Softiron ARMv8 POD.


The POD cluster base infrastructure:

  • Foundation Node: Cavium Networks CN8890 ThunderX ARMv8-64 48 cores @ 2.0GHz, 4x32GB RAM (128GB total), 1x500GB HDD, 1x40Gbps QSFP+ NIC, 2x10Gbps SFP+ NICs, 1x1Gpbs NIC (RJ45, IPMI interface)  
  • 10G Switch: Extreme Networks x670 10GE L3 switch for access through the public network .
  • 1G Switch: HP 2530-48G 1GE L2 switch for all the Openstack networks as well as LOM.
  • Digi International PortServer TS Serial-to-Ethernet gateway for remote serial access to the physical machines.

ARMv8-based HW available in the Enea PODs:

  • Openstack nodes: SoftIron AMD Opteron A1100, 8 x 64-bit ARM Cortex A57, 4 x RDIMM with 8GB DDR3 DRAM (32GB total), 2x RJ45 interface (10Gbps) , 1x 2TB Sata HDD, 1x 128GB Sata SSD 

The PODs in the Enea NFV lab cluster can be accessed via OpenStack, MaaS and OpenDaylight graphical interfaces or via direct console access.

Below you’ll find an architectural overview of the available POD :


This environment is free to use by any OPNFV contributor or committer for the purpose of OPNFV approved activities.

Access to the environment is granted by sending an e-mail to, providing the following information:

  • Full name
  • e-mail
  • Phone
  • Organization

The mechanism for external access involves openvpn and Google Authenticator.

Any questions related to the lab can be directed to

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