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Current POD assignments and individual POD details are listed below.


Project lead
Renewal Date

Pod Usage

(include link to your project plan)

Intel POD 10KVM4NFV Gary Wang@ Intel12/31/2018
Intel POD 11ApexTim Rozet@ Red Hat12/31/2018
Intel POD 12VSPerfSridhar Rao @ Spirent 12/31/2018

Intel POD 13BarometerAaron Smith @ Red Hat12/31/2018

Intel POD 14OVP Cert (Dovetail)Stephen Gooch @ Wind River12/31/2018

Intel POD 15Compass / ApexJatinder Pancar @ Intel12/31/2018
Intel POD 16XCIFatih Degirmenci @ Ericsson12/31/2018

Intel POD 17Compass4nfvYifei Xue @ Huawei12/31/2018

Intel POD 18AutoTina Tsou @ ARM12/31/2018
Intel POD 19YardstickEmma Foley @ Intel12/31/2018
Intel POD 20StarlingXStephen Gooch @ Wind River12/31/2018

Intel POD 21XCIFatih Degirmenci @Ericsson 12/31/2018


Each POD has access to 1Gbe and 10Gbe networks. You can find more detailed information at the individual POD page.

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