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This wiki page is dedicated to planning the OPNFV community test-bed infrastructure for Brahmaputra. This includes labs hosted by community companies and the Linux Foundation lab. Pharos committers as well as lab owners and other contributors need to define deliverables and milestones that will meet OPNFV lab infrastructure needs for CI and Dev.

Pharos theme for release B ... Connected community labs with visible capability and deployment/usage monitoring ... with ... connectivity between LF Foundation (Central) and all community lab ... and ... ability to view and observe resources available to the OPNFV community at-a-glance.


Initial Planning page ... (Etherpad)
Brahmaputra Release plan (Presentation)
Brahmaputra Specification (Requirements)
Milestone Status (D Report, E Report)


1. Pharos specification (defines Pharos compliance)

 Expand Arno definition of Pharos
  1. Naming conventions
  2. Template for consistent view of each lab (Compute, Network, Storage specifications)
  3. Requirements vs optional aspects
  4. Define a uniform way to access with get-started / user guide
  5. Actual specification (hardware, networks, ...)
  6. Define a sandbox environment/s for developers (vs. the full test-environment)
    1. Can we define a virtual environment to get started?
    2. Can we define a small scale bare-metal environment for community labs to host or for anybody who wants to setup a test-bed with minimum cost/effort?
    3. Create a formal definition of a "Pharos compliant" lab
      1. Compliance checklist
      2. Acceptance tests (tools, scripts)
      3. Infrastructure access and user guides
      4. json or yaml format to describe hardware, tooling related to testbed?
      5. Deploy templates - specifies what is required in order to configure each deployment tool/method

2. Lab infrastructure (tools for management and testing)

  1. MAAS pilot
  2. User vs test environment (tools and configurations)
  3. Tenant vs bare metal (tools and configurations)
  4. Remote access infrastructure
    1. Open-VPN
    2. Connection to Jenkins
  5. Dashboards for tracking community labs capability, availability, utilization

3. Lab management (process and support)

  1. Community labs
    1. One person for each lab to support (SLA ... availability, etc.)
    2. Lab teams
      1. Understand other labs
      2. Help other lab owners
      3. Dedicated IRC channel
  2. Linux Foundation lab
    1. Define how we will use the LF infra post Arno … compiling/building/packaging/testing?
    2. Support plan
    3. Capacity expansion plan?

4. Community Labs

5. Project Requirements

6. Lab infrastructure management and test tools

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