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This wiki page is dedicated to planning the OPNFV community test-bed infrastructure for Colorado. Pharos committers as well as lab owners and other contributors need to define deliverables and milestones that will meet OPNFV lab infrastructure needs for CI and Dev.


Initial Planning via Etherpad
OPNFV Summit breakout sessions via Etherpad


Pharos Deliverables

Colorado 1.0 (09/22/16)
  1. Pharos specification
    • add ARM architecture support (need to figure out how to do this)
    • update pharos specification for Colorado (PHAROS-144)
    • update pharos specification wiki page
  2. Update release documentation
    • OPNFV installation instructions (tracked in DOCS-154 - update from Brahmaputra)
      • template for this can be found in /git/opnfvdocs/docs/feature.templates

      • some stuff in /git/opnfvdocs/pharos/docs
      • some items in pharos git repo
Colorado 2.0 (10/27/16)
  • No Plan
Colorado 3.0 (12/05/16)
  • No Plan


Pharos Projects

Pharos Lab as a Service
  • see LAAS wiki page for now
Pharos Dashboard
  • see Dashboard wiki page for now
Pharos Validator
  • see Validator wiki page for now



  • Follow up with CENGN on next steps as a new lab --> requires for input from Raymond and Releng
  • Develop Linux Foundation lab support plan: Linux Foundation lab uses CISCO UCS equipment and requires specialized support from a CISCO resource no longer available.
  • Alignment of labs/pods/installer configurations for automatic POD configuration. One way of specifying POD, network and installer configurations so we can utilize these configurations to do automatic configuration
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