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This wiki page is dedicated to planning the OPNFV community test-bed infrastructure for Danube Release. Pharos committers as well as lab owners and other contributors need to define deliverables and milestones that will meet OPNFV lab infrastructure needs


Initial Planning via Etherpad --> need to schedule planning session


Pharos Deliverables

Danube Release 1.0 (03/27/17)

  1. Pharos change request creation and implementation work
    • tracked via PHAROS-193
    • review this effort and define sub-tasks
  2. Lab specifications for each community lab
    • tracked via PHAROS-29 and sub-tasks
    • AR: follow up with lab owners on sub-tasks
  3. Community lab support pages
    • tracked via PHAROS-64 and sub-tasks
    • AR: follow up with lab owners on sub-tasks
  4. Installer specification for lab owners
    • tracked via PHAROS-33
  5. POD Descriptor file
    • define hardware resources in a POD
  6. Pharos Dashboard
    • plan to get at least one lab supported in the tool
  7. Pharos LAAS
    • deliver in Danube release
  8. Pharos Validator
    • deliver in Danube release
  9. Virtual deployment specification
    • create wiki pages and JIRA tasks to track this effort
  10. Convert all documents for ReadTheDocs
  11. Update Pharos Specification for Danube

Danube Release 2.0 (05/04/17)

  1. tbd

Danube Release 3.0 (06/08/17)

  1. tbd


Pharos Projects

Pharos Lab as a Service

  • define tasks needed to launch LAAS

Pharos Dashboard

  • define tasks needed to launch Pharos Dashboard

Pharos Validator

  • define tasks



  • tbd
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