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This wiki page is dedicated to planning the OPNFV community test-bed infrastructure for Euphrates Release. Pharos committers as well as lab owners and other contributors need to define deliverables and milestones that will meet OPNFV lab infrastructure needs


Initial Planning via Etherpad --> need to schedule planning session


Pharos Deliverables

Euphrates Release

  • Pharos change request creation and implementation work (PHAROS-193)
  • Community labs wiki page migration to ReadTheDocs (PHAROS-64)
  • POD descriptor files for each community lab (PHAROS-29)
  • POD descriptor file converter for installers (PHAROS-33)
  • Virtual deployment specification (PHAROS-276)
  • Convert all documents for ReadTheDocs
  • Update Pharos Specification (TBD)
    • Pharos does not have a model for non-redundant data plane
      • Closest is model II which has 1 control plane 2x data plane networks
      • Some PODs only support 2 nic model, which means it needs a model for 1 control plane (PXE), 1 combination (data plane/all other static networks) control plane networks

  • Tech Discus meeting: (TBC) Discuss Collected Feedback on Hardware Requirements and Improvements on Pharos Specification (Jack Morgan and All Lab Owners)


Pharos Projects

Pharos Lab as a Service

  • tbd

Pharos Dashboard

  • tasks defined in PHAROS-48

Pharos Validator

  • tbd



  • discuss Collected Feedback on Hardware Requirements and Improvements on Pharos Specification (link) and Etherpad for collecting ideas
  • clean up artifacts docs for pharos projects → verify links and correct links to latest documentation
  • Pharos project needs to define hardware details to be included in release
  • send email to Lab owners to request them to input lab information into Pharos dashboard 
  • document how to build an OPNFV Pharos lab
  • organize types of labs --> core (CI/develop), develop only, test only
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