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Pharos Governance and Policies

OPNFV community hosted lab environments are made available for advancing maturity of OPNFV solutions through collaborative development and testing projects ... including, functionality, performance and interoperability testing.

Access to each environment is granted at the discretion of the lab administrator. Each lab maintains a Wiki page with procedure to get credentials, network architecture, user guides, testbed inventory and specs (hardware, bare metal capabilities, available tooling) as well as particular usage policies.

Infrastructure users are encouraged to share results, learnings and provide suggestions for improvements that can benefit other projects and the community.

A Pharos dashboard is being developed to provide visibility of projects executing on community test-beds. The Pharos project will also disseminate test results so other test-beds can recreate test-cases using different combinations of hardware/software.


Intellectual Property

  • Specific tests by members using proprietary components shall notify test-bed administrator and project lead of any intellectual property and conditions of usage (e.g. licenses required)
  • ...

Resource reservations are managed at the test-bed level by individual testbed administrators. Prioritization and resource contentions are referred to the TSC as necessary.

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