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OPNFV Tealbox

OPNFV Tealbox HW Spec

OPNFV Tealbox is portable Data Center, built by Tranquil PC.

OPNFV Tealbox consists of

  • 10 Intel NUCs
    • Each NUC has
      • i5 Intel CPU
      • 16GB RAM
      • 120GB SSD
      • Intel Gigabit Ethernet
  • Gigabit Switch

Node0 of Tealbox serves as master node and it additionally has

  • WiFi adapter
  • 2TB spinning disk
  • USB and HDMI ports (directly accessible from the rear of the box)

AMT static IPs and NIC MACs












AMT Subnet

Please see the detailed specs from this link.

OPNFV Tealbox SW Spec

OPNFV Tealbox has Been tested with

  • OPNFV Arno SR1 deployed using Fuel.
    1. OpenStack Juno
    2. OpenDaylight Helium SR3
    3. Fuel 6.0.1
  • OPNFV Brahmaputra
    1. OpenStack Liberty
    2. OpenDaylight Beryllium
    3. RDO Manager

Operating OPNFV Tealbox

The tealbox is operated via master node. Please follow below steps.

  • Credentials: root//opnfvapex
  • Power on the master node: Use the button on the back of the tealbox.
    • Once the master node boots up, it should open the Unity and logged in as default user.
  • Power on the slave nodes: Use AMT Tool to power on the slave nodes.
    • Open the console and type amttool. You will see the instructions.
  • Start the Fuel Master VM: Use virt-manager.
  • Open the browser: Browser should open the default start page with the links to use as below and some other information.
    • OpenStack dashboard
    • ODL dashboard
    • Fuel dashboard
    • Jenkins dashboard
  • Navigate around: By clicking the links.
  • Start the OPNFV functest demo: Open Jenkins dashboard and click the functest job. Click build link.

OPNFV Tealbox on Social Media


OPNFV Tealbox Pictures

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