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  • Purpose: development
  • Installer: apex
  • Deploy server:



  • Purpose: OPNFV CI jobs
  • Installer: apex
  • Deploy server:


  • Purpose: OPNFV CI jobs
  • Installer: MCP
  • Deploy server:

Pod list

How to access

Request for privilege 

  1. submit your ssh and gpg public key in and add qtip-reviewers for review, see example
  2. contact PTL to create credentials and authorize your access

Visit Deploy Server

Each pod have one dedicated deploy server. It can be accessed via SSH following the steps below:

  1. connect to OpenVPN
  2. ssh to deploy server

Visit OpenStack

opnfv/releng provides a script to fetch the openstack credentials.

If it does not work, follow the quick start guide for different installers below.

Quick start for installers


apex is based on TripleO. It installs openstack (overcloud) over openstack(undercloud).

IP address and credentials for undercloud node and overcloud nodes is dynamic. You may use the following command to access the nodes

sudo opnfv-util undercloud
sudo opnfv-util overcloud controller0

OpenStack credentials(openrc) for overcloud can be found in home directory after you login into undercloud.



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