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You may propose new project after you get familiar with QTIP


In progress

How to apply

A bootcamp page has been created by the first intern in QTIP Taseer Ahmed, to help you get started.

After that, please check the following instructions.

  • Follow general instructions of OPNFV internship program
  • Additional requirements for HIGH and MEDIUM level projects in QTIP
    • provide a summary of YOUR activities in OPNFV (from stackalytics and bitergia)
    • if none, provide public activity statistics in other communities
    • at least 3 commits merged in OPNFV gerrit (not limited to QTIP)
  • Online interview will be done with PTL and mentor
  • The interview evaluation report shall be reviewed by QTIP committers
  • The application is accepted if agreed by both PTL and mentor


  • previous contributions in open source community is not a criteria but for information only
  • the initial commits in OPNFV is a practice of OPNFV workflow, no judgement on the commit contents
  • these requirements are prerequisite to the application


  • Highly autonomous
  • Delivery on time
  • Activity report (retrospective of each sprint)
  • Monthly timesheet (preferred in toggl)
  • Presentation in team meeting on each checkpoints


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