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This update to artifact versioning will be in effect as of the Euphrates release.

Versioning of Artifacts Produced by OPNFV

It is necessary to have a unified way to version the artifacts produced by different OPNFV projects and store them on OPNFV Artifact Repository and Docker Hub.

The artifacts that are produced are including but not limited to

  • ISO: Produced by Installer Projects to be used for installing OPNFV.
  • RPMs and other packages: Produced by Feature Projects.
  • Docker Images: Produced by Test Projects to ease the testing.
  • Documents: Produced by all projects.

OPNFV Versioning Scheme

OPNFV uses Semantic Versioning to version released artifacts as shown below.



For example, for the Euphrates release, the artifacts will be versioned as follows

    R1: 5.0.0
    R2: 5.1.0  
    R3: 5.2.0      

Versioning and branching and tagging

Each major version will exist on its own branch.  Minor versions will be identified by tags on the same major version branch.  Minor versions will not be maintained after a new minor version is released.

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