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Starting with Jerma, release plans are documented in the Infrastructure wiki space but included here for easy referencing.


  • Stabilize Releng Verification Jobs
  • Execute on TAC Infra CI/CD Recommendation
  • Determine Status/Future of Subprojects
  • Migrate OPNFV Build machines to LaaS VM


Releng Project aims to deliver following items as part of OPNFV Euphrates release.

  • Dynamic CI
    • POD Converter per installer
    • Jenkins job adjustments based on the first phase of Dynamic CI
  • Security Gate Scanning
    • Establish first version/non-voting security gate jobs
  • Contribute to the OPNFV Infra Documentation on
    • CI Pipelines
    • Software Infrastructure
    • XCI
    • CI Hardware Configuration (connecting slaves, preparing build servers, PODs/vPODs)

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