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Introduction and general scope

Many telecom network functions are relying on layer-3 infrastructure services, within a VNF between components, or towards existing external networks. In many cases, these external networks are implemented in MPLS/BGP technology in existing service provider wide-area-networks (WAN). This proven technology provides a good mechanism for inter-operation of a NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and wide-area networks (WAN).

This has lead to a number of activities both in OpenDaylight andOpenStack targeting to implement such functionality, including:

The proposed architecture both links NFVI networking services seamlessly into the WAN network architecture and provides a solution for distributed routing functionality in the virtual Switches using standard ODL southbound interfaces. To assure integration into the NFVI, a collaborative project is needed, linking the work done in ODL and OpenStack on this item and assuring the integration of these functions into the OPNFV reference platform. A key objective is to validate the solution and to create visibility for that OPNFV has a viable solution.

Scope of the project is to address integration and deployment of VIM and virtual networking components to provide Layer 2/3 VPN services in the OPNFV platform. The project will be done in collaboration with the networking-bgpvpn project in OpenStack and supported implementations in SDN controllers to make sure that the functionality can be integrated on the OPNFV reference platform.






Project resources

Our weekly meeting is every Monday at 1600 UTC / 09:00 PDT. For meeting details, see meetings/sdnvpn

We have 2 bare metal servers in the Ericsson Pharos lab. 

LAB nameInstallerDeploymentscurrent users



3 virtual deployments no-ha

Nikolas Hermanns



2 virtual deployment bgpvpn

1 virtual deployment sfc

Jose Lausuch

Manuel Buil

Romanos Skiadas

Should you need to access these nodes, please contact Nikolas Hermanns or Jose Lausuch for access information.

Project main deliveries

The project is providing additional deployment scenarios for OPNFV, in which OpenStack BGPVPN as well as one of its supported backends are deployed and configured to allow creation of BGP/MPLS based VPNs through the Neutron API and/or Heat. 

Deployment scenarios and installer integration

These are the scenarios we currently support:

  • os-odl_l2-bgpvpn-ha: OpenStack is configured to use OpenDaylight for L2 networking and in addition the BGPVPN extension is installed and configured to use the ODL VPN service as backend. The OpenStack Controller is deployed in a "high-availability" configuration. 
  • os-odl_l2-bgpvpn-noha: Same as above, but without high availability deployment of the OpenStack Controller. 

We are currently integrated with Fuel and APEX installers, and plan to integrate with JOID in the D Release. 

Using Fuel, both scenarios can be deployed as a virtual deployment as well as a bare-metal deployment. APEX currently only supports the bare-metal deployment (TBC)

Read more here:

Testing related to BGP/MPLS based VPNs

We develop test cases that allow automatic verification of the feature. Currently our focus is on Functest but we plan to also develop Yardstick test cases for quantitative verification (i.e. control and data plane performance etc.).

More info can be found on the SDNVPN Testing page. 


Fraser release plan and status

The details of the Fraser release plan can be found on the SDNVPN Fraser planning page. 

Intent to participate in the Fraser release has been notified: 

Euphrates scope and status

Release planning has started. See the Euphrates release planning page for details. 

Intent to participate in the Euphrates release has been notified to TSC: 

Danube scope and status

The bgpvpn scenarios have been withdrawn from the Danube 1.0 release due to instabilities in ODL Netvirt which were discovered late in the release cycle. New target is to release them in Danube 2.0. 

Please visit the release planning page for information on the planned scope for SDNVPN in Danube. 

Intent to participate in the release has been notified to TSC: 

Colorado scope and status

Release notes:

User, Config, Installation, Troubleshooting guide:


These are our high-level objectives for Colorado:

  • Rebase to Mitaka - done
  • Integrate Quagga BGP - done
  • Improve test coverage - ongoing

The project's Kanban board in Jira: 

Developers etherpad board with more infromation:

Previous releases

Information on planning previous releases can be found on the Release planning page. 

Meetings and other ways of getting in touch

Our weekly meeting is every Monday at 1600 UTC / 09:00 PDT. We use Gotomeeting and IRC for keeping notes. For meeting details, agenda and past meeting minutes see meetings/sdnvpn

You can also visit our IRC channel on Freenode: #opnfv-sdnvpn or send a mail on opnfv-tech-discuss mailing list, using the SDNVPN tag. 

Committers and Contributors

Project lead:



Development insights


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