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Side note: consider using Ixia or Spirent test tools for Control plane and data plane testing


Neutron would possibly accept features implemented in "reasonably open" backends other than "reference implementations". 


Work on BGPVPN (not for Ocata, would be Pike --> F release):

  • Port association blueprint needs refresh, awaits implementation in API, framework and drivers

Functional enhancements (what is new from upstream? what do we want from upstream?):

Rebasing to new upstream versions:

  • Rebase to OpenStack Ocata, means new BGPVPN version
  • ODL Carbon uplift, what about newer Quagga version, can we switch to FRR?
  • OVS version? (will it have PTAP?)

Additional test cases:

  • Excercising the MPLS stacks (i.e. running MPLS traffic into/through the DC overlay from outside) and measuring performance

Spillover from Danube release:


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