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The SDNVPN project provides the possibility to create BGP/MPLS based L3VPN connectivity for NFV workloads, by means of a specific scenario (currently) supported by the Apex installer. 

Summary of goals

Goal 1 - Orchestrate BGPVPN with Openstack HEAT templates

Currently all the SDNVPN testcases directly use openstack REST API's to orchestrate the BGPVPN scenarios. Create Testcases using HEAT templates to orchestrate the BGPVPN which is commonly used in customer deployments.

Goal 2 - Control Plane and Data Plane in simulated DC-GW enviornment

Add the testcases which cover the route exchange behavior between ODL and DC-GW (simulated with 6WIND Quagga) and data traffic testing between Tenant VMs and External Network.

Goal 3 - Extend the ECMP to Multi DC-GW scenarios (Moved to next release)

Add the Testcases for the following Data traffic spray behavior in Inter Data center Deployment.

  • An external route can be reachable via two DC-GW's, 
  • An extra route can be reachable via two compute VMs for the traffic originated External Network

Goal 4 - Improve the Quality and stability of the Testcases

Currently there are some sporadic issues in CI setup which makes sdnvpn testcases failing across test suite runs.  A detailed analysis to be made and make the required refactoring to improve the logging and stability of testcase runs.

Goal 5 - Finalize our integration with XCI release procedure

Starting with Gambia, the release procedure changes and there will be a continuous delivery track

Goal 6- Fuel support to BGPVPN scenarios

Fuel installer to support noha BGPVPN scenarios.

Goal 7- Usage of openstack sdk instead of openstack clients

Instead of using openstack client calls use openstack sdk. By adopting sdk we can unify our utils functions and be dependent only to sdk rather than all client python librabries.

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