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Danube release

Mindmap showing current inventory of undone work for Danube and onwards, not yet prioritized and mapped against available resources:

Relevant overall release milestones:

  • MS1 (Oct 25): release plan ready
  • MS2 (Nov 22): test description ready & communicated to test projects
  • MS3 (Nov 30): integration of additional components with installers (probably not applicable to us)
  • (MS4)
  • MS5 (Jan 13): new functionality ready for testing
  • MS6 (Jan 26): new test cases run in CI, preliminary docs
  • MS8 (March 20): tests have to be successfully executed in CI
  • MS10 (March 24): Documentation ready

Our release plan:

  • MS1 (Oct 25): use case brainstorming concluded, use cases to cover in Danube identified, high level release scope documented in JIRA
    • connecting WAN VPNs to VM through DC-GW
    • any-to-any: IP address isolation and connecting subnets using VPN instead of router
    • inter-DC or distributed Cloud
  • MS2 (Nov 22): figure out which tests we want and define them
  • MS6 (Jan 26): have tests implemented (no need to have them passing)
  • MS8 (March 20): Fixing both tests & SUT

A list of all issues targeted for Danube release can be found here:


T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

Colorado release

This is the Release Plan as of MS1 Milestone, April 8, 2016. This release plan will be updated as the release progresses. 

For SDN VPN, Colorado is mainly a maintenance & cleanup release since significant new functionality from ODL (Borong release) will only become available after Colorado. 

The main additional feature we intend to deliver is integration and verification of an open source BGP stack (Quagga) with the ODL VPN Service. Besides that, we intend to widen installer support and test coverage. 

Time plan for the Colorado release

Work package 1 (due 27th May): Test specification and requirement analysis

  • Gap analysis of the current test scope in upstream communities
    • ODL VPN Service and related modules
    • networking-bgpvpn
    • OVS (MPLSoGRE encap)
  • Specification of the wanted test scope in both Functest and Yardstick and plan where to implement which test
  • Get bagpipe deployment scenarios up and running

Work package 2 (due 22nd July): stream 1: Rebasing to target upstream versions and BGP stack integration, stream 2: test development

  • Mitaka and corresponding BGPVPN version
  • ODL Beryllium SR3 (ETA: 28th July) - we need to revisit the timing to accommodate this
  • OVS 2.6 (hopefully including MPLSoGRE patch)
  • Installer integration of Quagga version including enhancements to work with ODL VPN Service

Work package 3 (due 19th Aug): Test development and documentation

  • Rebase consumed upstream test version to latest
  • Develop tests residing within OPNFV
  • Update documentation for Colorado release

List of JIRA tickets for Colorado


T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due


Early planning considerations were captured on an Etherpad:

For information: April 8: MS1 - Planning complete (see Colorado)

  • Project must have
    • Coordinated schedules with other projects and captured cross project dependencies in Jira
    • Established a concrete project time plan in place that accommodates dependencies and resource availability
    • Clarified dependencies, must include upstream dependencies, impacting ability to execute on future milestones
  • Activities to be performed after this milestone
    • Development of feature code
    • Integration in, or establishment of, scenario's
    • Test case development

Brahmaputra release

The SDN VPN delivery into Brahmaputra basically comprises of integration of the BGPVPN API extension for Neutron. Using the ODL BGPVPN driver with ODL VPN Service as backend is currently the only supported deployment option. Supporting other backends such as Bagpipe is FFS.

The following components were developed:

  • Fuel installer integration
    • new Fuel plugin has been developed to deploy BGPVPN on top of the baseline OpenStack Liberty that is deployed by OPNFV Fuel
    • The ODL Fuel plugin has been enhanced to deploy ODL VPN service
    • Two deployment scenarios ha and non-ha are available, developed on top of the baseline ODL-l2 deployment scenario <add link to Fuel documentation of deployment scenarios>
  • SDN VPN specific tests have been integrated into Functest:
    • BGPVPN tempest tests
    • ODL VPN Service robot tests from ODL CSIT
  • Some more documentation would be nice to have, including updating Functest documentation

Residual issues not resolved in time for the release (candidates for SR1):

  • APEX installer integration was started by APEX team
  • SDN VPN specific tests have been integrated into Functest but not all of them did pass in CI due to some post-deployment configuration of ODL VPN Service missing in installer. A manually deployed system has however passed all tests, it is just a mater of autodeployment.
  • Yardstick test scenarios have been specified but not implemented (depends on if new Yardstick features are required - if so we might need to shift this to C Release - tbc)
  • Improve test coverage
    • Functest consumes latest commit of BGPVPN backport/kilo branch, so anything new gets immediately consumed

The SDN VPN project's Milestone D report can be found here.


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