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The SDNVPN project provides the possibility to create BGP/MPLS based L3VPN connectivity for NFV workloads, by means of a specific scenario (currently) supported by the Apex installer. 

Summary of goals

Rebasing the feature to new upstream versions and regression test

Apex will upgrade upstream components to newest available versions. We need to ensure that the previously released functional scope is retained by running the Euphrates test suite, as updated, as a regression test. Details can be found in 

SDNVPN-192 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Improve test coverage for existing feature scope

A number of additional test cases and enhancements to existing test cases have been identified as described in 

SDNVPN-193 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Verify new use cases and functionality and add corresponding automated tests

A number of new use cases have been identified for being covered by new tests and, if needed, functional enhancements to the feature. One example is ECMP load balancing to distribute incoming traffic over multiple physical egress interfaces of the DC-GW and compute node ingress interfaces. Details are documented in

SDNVPN-194 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Documentation updates and improvements

The scenario documentation needs to be updated as required and a number of improvements are being planned as described in 

SDNVPN-196 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Add BGPVPN scenarios to XCI and adapt SDNVPN test suite accordingly

We want to enable the bgpvpn ha and noha scenarios in XCI in order to provide upstream developers a convenient means to perform fast verification of new upstream code. Details of this task are tracked in

SDNVPN-197 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Uncommon dependencies


Detailed requirements and tasks

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution


  • Regressions while integrating new upstream components. Mitigation: push installers for early rebasing and code freeze for parent scenarios. Run regression suite as early as possible. 
  • <list will be updated as new findings are made>



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