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Creating a Security Group

At this time, embargo security groups are created on demand.  The procedure for creating an embargo for a project is as follows:

  • Security team or PTL sends request to Helpdesk to create embargo security scheme for the project.
  • Helpdesk copies the Embargo template and adds the project specific committers group
  • Helpdesk associates that security scheme with the project.

Procedure to Create Embargo Scheme

JIRA Administration -> Issues

Select Issue Security Schemes from the left navigation panel.

Find the _Embargo scheme and select Copy

This creates a Copy of _Embargo.

Click on Edit link, and change the name to match the project.

Update, and then click on the Security Levels link.

Click on the Add link, and add that specific group of submitters that belongs to the project.

Procedure to Associate Security Scheme with Project

JIRA Administration -> Projects.  

Select the project to modify.

Select Issue Security link from the left side navigation panel.

From the Actions cog, choose Select a scheme

Choose the scheme that matches the project name:

Once associated, the Embargo level will be available to assign to issues.

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