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There are currently two SFC scenarios available in OPNFV Fraser:

  • os-odl-sfc-noha
  • os-odl-sfc-ha

These two scenarios can be deployed with the XCI tool or the APEX installer.


A new scenario has been created and is targeted for Hunter release. It can be deployed with the XCI tool.

Functionality testing is yet to be started.

  • os-odl-sfc_osm

XCI Integration

XCI Sandbox could used to deploy the SFC scenarios. Here is a link to get more information about it (please read the requirements and the prerequisites carefully):

The XCI integration is not finished yet and it has been tested only for mini and noha flavors of XCI. You can try to run xci using the master branch or the Rocky release (instructions below for the three of them)

To deploy the SFC mini scenario using xci, the following must be done:

#### OpenStack ####

  1. Make sure you're not root user and system is configured for passwordless sudo.

  2. If you don’t have one already, generate an SSH key in $HOME/.ssh

    ssh-keygen -t rsa

  3. Clone OPNFV releng-xci repository

    git clone

  4. Change into directory where the sandbox script is located:
    cd releng-xci/xci

  5. Set the sandbox flavor, OPNFV scenario, openstack version, VM size and releng_xci and bifrost versions:

    export XCI_FLAVOR=mini 
    export DEPLOY_SCENARIO=os-odl-sfc


  6. Execute the sandbox script



If you would like to run functest, once the deployment is successful, you should access the OPNFV VM using ssh (ssh root@ and then execute:

export DEPLOY_SCENARIO=os-odl-sfc

export PDF=/root/releng-xci/xci/var/pdf.yml

export IDF=/root/releng-xci/xci/var/idf.yml

source openrc
ansible-playbook -i releng-xci/xci/playbooks/ releng-xci/xci/playbooks/prepare-tests.yml
To run the functest tests:


APEX Integration

APEX is able to run both scenarios. Here is a link about to use APEX:

To run the SFC scenario you should include the sfc deploy settings file with -d arg:

opnfv-deploy -d /etc/opnfv-apex/os-odl-sfc-noha.yaml

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