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This is the Release Plan as of the MS1 Milestone, April 8, 2016. This release plan will be updated as the release progresses.

Since the upstream Open Daylight (ODL) Boron release will be completed post-Colorado (Colorado is expected to complete in August) the OPNFV SFC Colorado release will not depend too much on ODL Boron. Consequently, the SFC Colorado release will focus more on stabilizing what we started in Brahmaputra.

SFC Colorado Feature List

These features are listed in order of priority.

  1. Better support for multiple compute nodes
    1. Should mainly involve improving Tacker
    2. SFC-34 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  2. Enhanced Tacker - ODL SFC interactions
    1. This should mainly impact Tacker and possibly ODL Beryllium SR2
    2. SFC-35 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  3. Switch to official version of OVS with NSH
    1. Depends on upstream OVS delivery. Hopefully it will be in an OVS 2.5 sub-release.
    2. This will have impacts on Fuel, Apex, and Yardstick
    3. SFC-36 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  4. Improve the VnfMgrSim
    1. This is contained in the OPNFV SFC code base
    2. This will allow us to use OPNFV SFC (in a reduced manner) without having to depend on Tacker
    3. SFC-37 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  5. OPNFV SFC testing
    1. Yardstick testing
    2. Functest testing
    3. SFC-38 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  6. Bare-metal CI executions with the following installers:
    1. Apex
    2. Fuel
    3. Joid (tentative)
    4. SFC-39 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  7. Improved installation documentation
    1. SFC-40 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  8. OPNFV SFC working with JOID installer (tentative depending on personnel resources)
    1. SFC-41 - Getting issue details... STATUS


All of these features are "contained" in the following JIRA Epic: SFC Colorado Epic: SFC-33 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Proposed Colorado 2.0 features

  1. Enhanced application coexistence (depending on availability of ODL Boron)

Proposed Colorado 3.0 features

  1. Preliminary versions of SF failover (depending on availability of ODL Boron)