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Project Description

OPNFV-SFC is a project which aims to demonstrate how Service Function Chaining using the ODL SDN controller could be deployed and operated. For more information, you can visit our wiki home

Summary of Goals

Apart from keeping up with the latest versions of the components we use (note the big planned jump in OVS), we would like Gambia to become a release which will focus on quality and maintainability. Previous release already focused on this, however, due to the reduction of workforce and the amount of time we had to invest fixing upstream bugs or developing features, we were not able to finalize it. Besides, an intern will join the team and will help us explore a new area where SFC could play a useful role: Kubernetes.

Goal 1 - Sync with the latest version of the components

  • ODL Oxygen --> ODL Fluorine
  • Continue supporting latest OpenStack (R & S version)
  • OVS 2.6  --> OVS 2.9 with NSH upstream support
  • Move to odl_v2 driver of networking-sfc
  • Use tosca.nodes.nfv.VDU.TackerV2 for vnfds
  • Move to the V2 of tacker vnffgd yaml:

Goal 2 - Collaborate with upstream communities to fix known bugs or missing features

There are some use cases which are currently not working:

Goal 3 - Improve code maintainability and quality

The current SFC code could be improved:

Goal 4 - Finalize our integration with XCI release procedure (CI/CD)

  • Starting with Gambia, the release procedure changes and there will be a continuous delivery track
  • Add a gate for SFC test code that deploys XCI and runs the SFC tests (XCI Snapshotting needed)

Goal 5 - Start investigations of SFC-Kubernetes

Intern Project: kubernetes-sfc scenario investigation and prototype (on-going)

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