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Project Description

OPNFV-SFC is a project which aims to demonstrate how Service Function Chaining using the ODL SDN controller could be deployed and operated. For more information, you can visit our wiki home

Goal 1 - Sync with the latest version of the components

  • ODL Fluorine → ODL Neon
  • Support for openstack Rocky, Stein and Train
  • Use tosca.nodes.nfv.VDU.TackerV2 for vnfds in Tacker
  • OSM version 5

Goal 2 - Improve code maintainability and quality

We did a lot of work in Gambia in this area. But a couple of things are msising:

  • Migrate to opensdk instead of SNAPs
  • Migrate to Python 3

Goal 3 - Continue our integration with XCI release procedure (CI/CD)

  • Run SFC test cases in XCI
  • Add a gate for SFC test code that deploys XCI and runs the SFC tests

Goal 4 - Introduce new MANO components

  • Abstract the MANO layer to facilitate integration with other MANO solutions
  • Integrate OSM
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