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During initial project studies performed by the OPNFV SFC community in the Brahmaputra release, it was identified very early that OPNFV SFC would need a VNF Manager to make a complete Service Chaining solution. At that time, OpenStack Tacker was identified as providing the VNF Manager functions we required. In the Brahmaputra release, MANO (VNF Managers included) was considered out of scope, so we couldnt include anything related to the VNF Manager in our installation scripts. The solution was to prepare post-install scripts that included the VNF Manager, that were to be used primarily for testing purposes.

Towards the end of the Brahmaputra release, the OPNFV TSC and Board decided to allow MANO to be included in OPNFV in releases subsequent to Brahmaputra. Now that we've begun working on the Colorado release, we would like to formally request that the VNF Manager be included in the scope of the OPNFV SFC project. This request may be considered a change in scope for the OPNFV SFC project, so Im referencing here the original scope, and the additions we would like to add. This change in scope will be reviewed by the TSC. Until this review is complete, OPNFV SFC wont request Tacker be officially included in our installation scripts.

  • Original OPNFV SFC scope
  • Email requesting we highlight the scope change:
  • OPNFV SFC Scope addition:
    • OPNFV SFC depends on a VNF Manager for a complete end-to-end solution
    • Starting with the Colorado release, we would like for the VNF Manager to be installed via either the Fuel or Apex installation scripts
      • This does not preclude other OPNFV installers
    • The VNF Manager should not be limited to only Tacker, thus allowing for any Open Source VNF Manager to be included
    • In subsequent releases, OPNFV SFC may also use MANO-based Orchestration.
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