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Project Name



Mark Beierl

Brief description of project

StorPerf was created for the purpose of providing a synthetic VNF workload to test virtual disk performance.  It provides an implementation of the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification.

By leveraging the StorPerf API, a stack can be created with attached volumes, or any existing VNF or CNF can be used provided SSH credentials are available.  It will log in, copy a statically compiled version of FIO and execute arbitrary workloads against the target VNF/CNF.  The block size, queue depth and type of workload (read/write, sequential/random) all can be specified.  FIO can also be directed to profile a complete block device (such as /dev/sdb) or a filesystem mounted on a device.  The type of filesystem can also be specified if the device does not yet have one.

Once the workload has started, metrics are collected from FIO every 1 minute.  These metrics are examined on a moving average along a user specified duration, which is by default 10 minutes.  Once the latency, IOPS and throughput have reached steady state (remain within a 20% deviation of the average), the test is marked as complete and the results reported.  If the test fails to reach steady state after the user specified maximum time (default is 2 x duration, or 20 minutes), the test is terminated and marked as failed.

Project lifecycle status

Incubation.  Never applied for graduation.  Active since September 2015.

Last 12 months number of commits

1 commit.

Last 12 months committer count

1 committer

Most recent release project participated


Link to most recent release plan

I Release Planning

Next 3 months development plans

  • Completion of Python 3 migration.
  • Deprecation of Heat stack support.

Any plans to engage with CNTT?

StorPerf is well situated to provide performance metrics for storage performance in order to provide a compliance check.  It will be added to the xtesting framework and once thresholds and workload patterns are established will be able to provide pass/fail for storage performance.

Current active committer list

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