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Slide deck Beijing Summit

Testing working group useful links


Euphrates document Cross review

Table of Reviewers

testing group documentation - sections to be completed

Testing priorities

The goal is to discuss the collective objective of the community for E

Testing group proposal for Stress/Resiliency/Robustness testing: 

Simulator capabilities


Testing IT resources

Test case Catalog

The Test case catalogue has been designed to offer a high level view of all the test cases from the testing community at glance.

Several actions are possible:

  • on click: redirection to the project wiki page
  • on roll over: list of supported test cases
  • on click after roll over: get details on a test case

Remaining tasks:

  • Clean/detail Vsperf test cases in the Database   RELENG-261 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Update Qtip test cases in the Database  RELENG-263 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Update Bottleneck test case in the Database
  • Update yardstick description:  RELENG-262 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Next steps

  • introduction of bamboo in the graph

Landing page

We kept the historical project pages but it was decided to add a landing page to get jenkins status of all the test project at glance

Test case list customization (for scenario owner)


Reporting dockerization

The docker is ready.

CI chain to fully automate: releng change => create new reporting docker => deployment of the docker on in progress

Traffic profiles


Post processing/analytics


Tooling catalog


New X projects activities

Power consumption monitoring


Euphrates Testing needs



* Community page (not only testing):
* Community Etherpad:



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