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The Yang-based OpenConfig project focuses on data models for common network devices and functions. The Telemetry project in particular is an option for VES.

Open Questions

Following are some open questions that have arisen in the consideration of YANG-based modeling for VES:

If JSON is preferred as the payload for VES data, how can that be provided when using YANG for modeling?RFC7951, and transformation via JSONXSL. 


Following are references collected in assessment of the OpenConfig Telemetry project.


The Road to Open Network ManagementONS 2016 (Jive, Google)Overview with section on the Telemetry project
Taking Network Management into the 21st CenturyJive (Rob Shakir)Overview with section on the Telemetry project

SDN in the Management Plane: OpenConfig and Streaming Telemetry

NANOG (Google, Jun 5, 2015)Specific focus on the Telemetry project

OpenConfig: collaborating to enable
programmable network management

ODL 2016 (Google)Overview with section on the Telemetry project
Model-driven network automationDevOps Network Forum 2016 (Google)Overview with section on the Telemetry project

OpenConfig in CORD Roadmap

Analytics CORD (A-CORD) Architecture

YANG Models in CORD

ON.Lab CORDIntent to prototype network management via OpenConfig for CORD infra and apps

Model-Driven Configuration for Model-Driven Telemetry

YDK: Automating YANG without XML

CiscoModel-driven telemetry developer tutorials focused on OpenConfig
OpenConfig, Data Models, and APIsJason Edelman blogSurvey of OpenConfig with examples
OpenConfig Interfaces - Some ExamplesJive (Rob Shakir)Examples of applying the OpenConfig framework to specific devices
OpenConfig 2015 Year-end SummaryGoogle ( Anees Shaikh)Summary of work and news in 2015
Open Source Universal Telemetry Collector for JunosJuniperIncludes description of how Juniper is using OpenConfig

Device Programmability Using YANG Development Kit



Developer guide for creating Yang models.
Device APIs: The Force AwakensCisco (Shelly Cadora)Overview of the evolution of network management, with reference to OpenConfig about Arista's announced support for OpenConfig
gRPCGoogleOne of the protocol binding options for telemetry: "gRPC is a modern open source high performance RPC framework that can run in any environment. It can efficiently connect services in and across data centers with pluggable support for load balancing, tracing, health checking and authentication."
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