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Where do VSPERF CI jobs run?

VSPERF daily CI jobs run on pod3-wcp-node3 and pod3-wcp-node4

Figure 1: POD 3 layout by Jack Morgan

pod3-wcp-node4 is reserved for Moongen and the NIC interface connecting it to pod3-wcp-node3 is a Niantic NIC.

Verify and merge jobs run on OPNFV PODs allocated to RELENG.


The VSPERF CI jobs are broken down into:

  1. Daily job: 
    1. Runs everyday takes about 10 hours to complete.
    2. TESTCASES_DAILY='phy2phy_tput back2back phy2phy_tput_mod_vlan phy2phy_scalability pvp_tput pvp_back2back pvvp_tput pvvp_back2back'
    3. TESTPARAM_DAILY='--test-params pkt_sizes=64,128,512,1024,1518'
  2. Merge job:
    1. Runs whenever patches are merged to master.
    2. Runs a basic Sanity test.
  3. Verify job
    1. Runs every time a patch is pushed to gerrit
    2. Builds documentation


There are 2 scripts that are part of VSPERFs CI:

  • Lives in the VSPERF repository and is used to run vsperf with the appropriate cli parameters.
  • vswitchperf.yml: YAML description of our jenkins job. lives in the RELENG repository.


Jenkins Build Results:

Jenkins Output example:

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