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Yardstick - Infrastructure Verification

Project Description

The goal of the Yardstick Project is to verify the infrastructure compliance when running VNF applications.

NFV Use Cases described in ETSI GS NFV 001 show a large variety of applications, each defining specific requirements and complex configuration on the underlying infrastructure and test tools.The Yardstick concept decomposes typical VNF work-load performance metrics into a number of characteristics/performance vectors, which each of them can be represented by distinct test-cases.

The project's scope is to develop a test framework, test cases and test stimuli.
The methodology used by the Project, to verify the infrastructure form the perspective of a VNF, shall be aligned with ETSI TST001.

Project Scope

The following are in the project scope:

  • Decompose VNF work-load performance metrics into a number of characteristics/performance vectors, identifying and categorizing the metrics related to characterization of the infrastructure, develop test case examples to realize the metrics;
  • Enable verification of more complex test cases by developing functionality to run parallel testing, inject fault, test multiple topologies, test scenarios.
  • Methodology for verifying infrastructure from the perspective of a VNF aligned with ETSI TST 001.


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