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This page describes the Jenkins maintaining work for each release.

There are two parts of work: update the Releng JJB files and update Yardstick Jenkins dashboard page.

Update Releng JJB jobs

Usually the releng team will update the Jenkins jjb files for each project prior each release. But in case you need to do it yourself, here is how to update the jjb.

In releng/jjb/yardstick/yardstick-daily-jobs.yml, update the 'branch anchors' section.

Update the 'slave-label', you can find the 'slave-label' names in each installer's jjb files.

Update the '<<’ (branch mapping) according to branch name we defined in the previous 'branch anchors' section.

Update Yardstick Jenkins dashboard

To update the Jenkins dashboard,you can either ask a releng team committer to do it for you or update the dashboard by yourself.

If you'd like to do it yourself, first you need to apply for the edit privilege for your Jenkins account via the Linux foundation help-desk.

If your account have the edit privilege, you will find the 'edit view' button as shown below.

Select Yardstick JJB jobs for both baremetal and virtual sections.

Finally, click 'ok‘ to save the edit.

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