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The Yardstick framework architecture that we described in the Yardstick user guide is drafted in Brahmaputra Release, therefore it has been outdated for a long time and needs an update. 

This wiki page is to discuss the new Yardstick framework architecture.

Below is the previous logical view of the Yardstick framework architecture:test

Original Yardstick framework architecture

classic yardstick framework architecture

In Colorado release, we have implemented the 'plugin' module, and now in Danube we are working on Yardstick Rest API and web GUI.

Below is a new framework architecture draft,

Danube new framework architecture draft

Yardstick framework architecture in D


The architecture is divided into three part: 'User interface', 'Framework' and 'Service'.

 I have listed all Yardstick architecture components. The 'service' part contains services for each framework module and is extendable by further development.

The interactions between components are TBD.

As this is an editable Gliffy diagram, if your have any idea about the architecture, you can edit it directly and you are welcomed to leave your comment below.

Network Service Testcase

network service testcase



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  1. We could update this with new NSB  additions.  new contexts, standalone, etc.  new generic VNF test, etc.

    1. Yes, we can extend the service part by adding NSB scenarios and contexts.

    2. Hi Ross, please feel free to update the architecture. I added the standalone into context

  2. Also update the diagram, showing the collect-d agent for the NFVi KPI collection.