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The Spirent Landslide provides one box solution which allows to fully emulate all vEPC network nodes including mobile users, network host and generate control and data plane traffic.

NSB provides full automation to create a test session in Spirent traffic generator with configurable parameters like data message flows, session activation/deactivation rate, number of sessions, etc. and benchmarks vEPC using standard 3GPP test cases.

The test cases are implemented on the emulated vEPC as SUT in Spirent traffic generator. It can be easily replaced by the emulated node or multiple nodes in test topology with real node or corresponding vEPC VNF as SUT and check it's processing capabilities under specific test case load conditions.

Representation of vEPC topology components in NSB 

Representation of vEPC topology components in NSB

NSB Test cases for vEPC

Following test cases are examples of "black box" testing of emulated of real VNF.

Test run results contain detailed EPC metrics reported by traffic generator. 

Documentation on vEPC test cases can be found below in references[2].

SGW_Nodal test case for vEPC

This test type performs testing of emulated SGW/PGW vEPC components ability to create default bearers
at user-specified rate, and measures user traffic throughput at given test conditions.

SGW_Nodal Relocation test case for vEPC

This is an emulation of X2 traffic handover between two eNodeB nodes, sharing a single MME node.

How to modify the sample vEPC test case to craft a new test case flavor

Users can create their own test cases based on existing sample tests. Some modifications may require referring
to Landslide documentation for details.

For example, user could do some of the following changes:

  • change the traffic profile details by crafting new traffic profile based on existing examples
  • change the traffic flow duration, overall test run duration, number of test iterations
  • customize editable attributes of the test session profile
  • craft new session profile by duplication of sample session profile and removing one of test cases and substituting its EPC blocks by real EPC VNF
    (aka real VNF "black box" testing)

vEPC KPI and Metrics visualization in Grafana dashboards

Network KPIs

Network KPIs are collected from the Spirent Landslide traffic generator during a test run.

One dashboard represents a specific test type, displaying a pre-defined set of attributes and statistics.

Besides, some important test scenario settings are displayed. User is able to visualize test results of current or previous test runs
by specifying the "run_id" value.

Platform/NFVi metrics:

  • Reflect the vEPC VNF resources usage
  • Could be obtained only for customized test cases
  • Collected from the SUT where vEPC component is running
  • Retrievable from a single or multiple SUTs

  1. Documentation on setting up Spirent Landslide traffic generator can be found in the NSB Installation document.
  2. vEPC test case configuration can be found in NSB Operations document.
  3. Documentation on vEPC test cases can be found in the OPNFV yardstick test documentation page
  4. Grafana Dashboard for vEPC test can be found in OPNFV yardstick dashboards page 
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