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The CNWG has been approved and created by the OPNFV TSC on Aug 7, 2018, with the following scope and work items.

  • Scope of the new "OPNFV Cloud Native Working Group"
    • Serve as a forum to coordinate among all projects working on cloud native initiatives and drive for common goals and strategies
    • Serve as a common bridge with CNCF, ONAP/LFN, edge and other relevant communities. Represent OPNFV to work with these communities as a liaison and/or on joint initiatives.

    • Provide periodic updates to TSC

  • Work items and objectives of the new "OPNFV Cloud Native Working Group"
    • Initial work item / starting point:
      • Create a "world map of cloud native in OPNFV" (short presentation) - document cloud-native related OPNFV projects and efforts, their current status as well as plans.
        Outline how these projects fit into the larger cloud-native ecosystem / articulate relationships to other projects (e.g. CNCF) / identify opportunities for future work. 
    • Establish a cloud native CD toolchain and process
    • Drive commonalities among OPNFV k8s scenarios. Produce common Kubernetes scenarios (e.g. two) with long-live community environment
    • Work with projects (initially select a few) to help them
      • produce cloud native artifacts
      • adopt cloud native tools and practices
      • adapt/expand to support cloud native environments
    • Ensure new projects include cloud native where appropriate
    • Establish robust connection and engagement with upstream CNCF, ONAP/LFN, edge and other communities
    • Support multi-clouds based on k8s: e.g. ONAP, edge, public clouds
    • Drive longer term efforts: e.g. common API, service mesh, ‘middle-box’ data path, acceleration, edge support, etc.

    • Produce user oriented and developer oriented training material

For details of the original analysis and recommendations from the task force members Wenjing ChuBrian Skerry, Rossella Sblendido, please see: Cloud Native.

Meeting logistics

On the first kickoff meeting, participants agreed to reuse the current bi-weekly call time of the Clover project. That's what we will do initially until/unless the active participants have better alternatives.

Meeting #1, Aug 16, 2018

Agenda: Cloud Native WG Kickoff.pdf

Participants: Wenjing Chu (Huawei), Bin Hu (AT&T), Brian Skerry (Intel), Ryota Mibu (NEC), Stephen Wong (Huawei), Gabriel Yu (Huawei), Gerald Kunzmann (DOCOMO), Juha Oravainen (Nokia), Serena Feng (ZTE), Tapio Tallgren (Nokia), Trinath Somanchi (NXP), Trevor Cooper (Intel), Al Morton (AT&T), Gergely Csatari (Nokia)

IRC Minutes:

Meeting #2, Aug 20, 2018


  • Landscape
    • We will ask the main projects to give a brief intro on what problems they are solving and how they may fit in the overall landscape. We will start with Clover project by Stephen Wong in the first regular call.
    • Other projects please prepare doing the same in the subsequent meetings, that'll be really good. Pls let us know in this wiki by adding to the agenda or to the email list with [cnwg] in the title.
  • Common infrastructure and processes: (maybe compile and track deliverables across projects)
    • Toolchain and process: How-to documentation for utilizing cloud native toolchain
    • Long duration "live" testbeds with common K8S
  • New capabilities: what new/improved capabilities/functionalities needed for NFV use cases
    • Next time
  • Consider a F2F meetup during ONS EU in Amsterdam
  • AOB

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