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  1. At the start of each release, each project will do the following by MS1 (planning):
    1. Create a ticket in the OPNFV DOCS JIRA project with the name of the project.
    2. Create a child ticket (i.e. dependency) for each document that the project is required to produce for the release. 
    3. Make sure that each issue has the release version in the "fix version" field.
    4. Make sure that each issue is assigned to either the PTL, or a designated documentation lead on the project team.
    5. The release manager will review the JIRA tickets with the documentation working group chair to verify that all projects participating in the release have documented their documentation requirements in JIRA.
  2. As work is done on each document throughout the release, make sure that the JIRA ID is referenced in the commit message in gerrit.
  3. Preliminary documentation requirement (MS6) - process TBD
  4. As documents are completed in preparation for the release:
    1. Add a comment to the associated JIRA issue that the document is ready for review.
    2. Mark the associated JIRA issue as "resolved"
    3. Reassign the JIRA issue to a reviewer on the docs team.
  5. Once all of the child issues have been resolved, then the parent issue may also be marked resolved.
  6. Review:
    1. All documents must be completed and reviewed by MS10.
    2. The documentation author must complete the document in time to allow for sufficient review.
    3. The reviewer will enter comments and changes in gerrit (master) which will be reviewed and approved by the project.  
    4. Once the changes are resolved and committed to the master branch, they will be cherry-picked to the stable/release branch.
    5. Once the changes have been chery-picked to the stable/release branch, the reviewer will update the associated JIRA issue to "closed".
  7. Once all of the child issues have been closed, then the parent issue may be marked closed.
  8. Status:
    1. A document is considered missing, or not ready, if the associated JIRA issue is not marked "resolved".
    2. A document is considered to have an incomplete review if the associate JIRA issue is not marked "closed".
    3. A project may threaten its eligibility for release if all of the associated documentation JIRA issues, including the parent, are not marked "closed".