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  • Define test cases for accelerators’ specific testing.
  • Compare acceleration effects with legacy method without using accelerators by testing, including performance and power.
  • Test OVS offload and vEPC GTP offload effects, including how many cores are saved using accelerators and how performance improved compared to without using accelerators.
  • Testing environment and hardware accelerators resources will be local environments and resources, and based on testing specifications, testing results should be uploaded to the Rocket project.


6)       Sharing hardware accelerator resources

Rocket shares accleerator resources to community. There are 2 phases to be achieved:

  • Phase I: Requirements definition
    Define requirements of building shared accelerator resource pool, including hardware specification, access methods and architecture.
  • Phase II: Implementation
    According to requirements definition, build accelerator resources environment and test accessiblity.


  • The project will focus on VNFs how to use accelerators regardless of different providers to meet hardware-accelerated requirements.
  • Scope includes VNF,NFVI,VIM,MANO
  • The scope excludes developing VNFs, Apps or accelerators.