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This will be the 'software' counterpart of this work. The validation of the software configuration, should be performed against the requirements, that is preferably defined in a machine-readable format. Hence, this project relies heavily on an implementation of PDF 2.0 defined in CNTT. 



Sridhar K. N. Rao

Sridhar Rao

SpirentCIRV-SDV Lead

Parth Yadav

Parth Yadav

Delhi UniversityLFN Intern

Ashwin Nayak


Shivam Balikondwar

Shivam Balikondwar

PICTStudent Volunteer 

Implementation of PDF 2.0 in JSON


Post-Deployment Software Validation: Security

Sl. No.Validation TypeDescription
1Security: Right File Permissions
2Security: Right Configurations