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Project NameVSPERF
Target Release NameJerma
Project Lifecycle StateSee OPNFV Lifecycle for more information


High level description of the goals for the projectFor Jerma release the scope can be summarized as:

  1. Add features to run VSPERF in openstack environment.
  2. Improve performance metrics.
  3. Upgrade to Newer version of T-Rex Traffic Generator.
  4. Develop features to support automated K8S Networking Performance benchmarking.
  5. Improved LMA - Logging, Metrics and Alerting.

All the JIRA Tasks related to Jerma can be found here


Provide list of any OPNFV level requirements that are being addressed by the project for this release.  Provide links to requirements documented in RELREQ using the Jira embed tool for Confluence.  If none, enter "none".

RELREQ-6Openstack Dataplane Performance Benchmarking. Currently VSPERF does have have features to run its tests on Openstack. In Jerma, we aim to add this feature to VSPERF.

Release Artifacts

Indicate the work product (Executable, Source Code, Library, API description, Tool, Documentation, Release Note, etc) for this release.


Format (Container, Compressed File, etc.)

Source Code


Traffic Generator VM


Ansible Roles and Playbooks


High level architecture diagram

Insert diagram or link.VSPerf-Architecture

Internal Dependencies

List any OPNFV projects on which this release is dependent and describe the dependencyX-Testing.

Tentative: DDPD-PROX.

External Dependencies

List any external dependencies (OpenStack, ODL, etc.).  Include specific versions, if relevant.Openstack.

Test and Verification

Describe how the project will be tested and verified.Testing will be done on Intel Testbeds:

Openstack: Intel Pod10, Intel Pod15

Non-Openstack: Intel Pod12


List any risks and a plan to mitigate each risk.