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 Option 1

Proposed steps:

  1. In OPNFV , do project team members do their blueprint draft reviews in Gerritt before submitting blueprints to OpenStack
  2. After reviews are completed in OPNFV, OPNFV project team member(s) submit blueprints/bug in OpenStack
  3. After blueprints are accepted, OpenStack blueprints will automatically list all relevant OpenStack Gerrit IDs
  4. OPNFV project team will add the blueprint links in a file in OPNFV that is similar to the current project INFO file
  5. Bitergia to track the OpenStack Gerrit IDs in the blueprints listed in the "INFO-like" file in step 4 above

    (Question: how do you deal with bugs without blueprints?  Use bug reports?) 

      • e.g. who's contributing to OpenStack, how their blueprints are progressing in OpenStack, etc. 

    View file
    nameTracking OpenStack contribution.pptx


    • Bitergia has full access to our repo's incl. the INFO-like file.


    • Can also get historical data (by adding old blueprint IDs)


    Option 2

    1. Open JIRA ticket in OPNFV for blueprints to be submitted in OpenStack
    2. In OpenStack, list the JIRA ticket URL in the comments field for blueprints
    3. Bitergia to track the above blueprints (with "" URLs) in OpenStack repo's 
    • No need to do anything differently in OpenStack (e.g. no special tagging for OPNFV)

    (Question: how do you deal with bugs without blueprints?  Use bug reports?)