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  • Pharos change request creation and implementation work (PHAROS-193)
  • Community labs wiki page migration to ReadTheDocs (PHAROS-64)
  • POD descriptor files for each community lab (PHAROS-29)
  • POD descriptor file converter for installers (PHAROS-33)
  • Virtual deployment specification (PHAROS-276)
  • Convert all documents for ReadTheDocs
  • Update Pharos Specification (TBD)
    • Pharos does not have a model for non-redundant data plane
      • Closest is model II which has 1 control plane 2x data plane networks
      • Arm only supports 2 nic model, which means it needs a model for 1 control plane (PXE), 1 combination (data plane/all other static networks) control plane networks

  • Tech Discus meeting: (TBC) Discuss Collected Feedback on Hardware Requirements and Improvements on Pharos Specification (Jack Morgan and All Lab Owners)



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