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ScenarioInstallerOwnerJenkins Job Created (Y/N)Bugs5.05.15.2



os-nosdn-nofeature-haApexTim RozetY Y   Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-nofeature-nohaApexTim RozetY Y   Target E 1.0
os-odl-nofeature-haApexTim RozetY Y   Target E 1.0
os-odl-nofeature-nohaApexTim RozetY Y   Target E 1.0
os-odl-ovs_dpdk-haApexTim Rozet      Target E 1.0
os-odl-ovs_dpdk-nohaApexTim Rozet      Target E 1.0
os-odl-fdio-nohaApexFrank Brockners      Target E 1.0
os-odl-fdio-haApex Frank Brockners       Target E 1.0
os-odl-fdio-dvr-nohaApex Frank Brockners       Target E 1.0
os-odl-fdio-dvr-haApex Frank Brockners       Target E 1.0
os-odl-fdio-ipv6-nohaApex Frank Brockners       Target E 1.0
os-odl-fdio-ipv6-haApex Frank Brockners       Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-fdio-nohaApexJerome Tollet      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-fdio-haApexJerome Tollet       Target E 1.0
os-k8s-fdioApex Frank Brockners       Target E 1.0
os-odl-k8s_coe-nohaApexTim Rozet      Target E 1.0
os-odl-k8s_coe-haApexTim Rozet      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-kvm_ovs_dpdk_bar-haApexDavid Chou      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-kvm_ovs_dpdk_bar-nohaApexDavid Chou      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-kvm_ovs_dpdk-haApexJiang, Yunhong      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-kvm_ovs_dpdk-nohaApexJiang, Yunhong      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-bar-haApexMaryam Tahhan      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-bar-nohaApexMaryam Tahhan      Target E 1.0
os-odl-bgpvpn-haApexTim Irnich      Target E 1.0
os-odl-bgpvpn-nohaApexTim Irnich      Target E 1.0
os-odl_l2-moon-haCompassRuan HE      Target E 1.0
os-odl-sfc-fdio-ha ApexBrady Johnson      Target E 1.0
os-odl-sfc-ha ApexBrady Johnson      Target E 1.0, still not sure if we will continue to use Fuel
os-odl-sfc-nohaApexBrady Johnson      Target E 1.0, still not sure if we will continue to use Fuel
os-nosdn-nofeature-haDaisyZhijiang HuY     Target E 1.0
os-odl_l3-nofeature-haDaisyZhijiang HuY     Target E 1.0
os-odl_l2-nofeature-haDaisyZhijiang Hu      Target E 1.0


 JOID Narinder Gupta & Ruijing GuoYes YYY  Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-nofeature-haJOID Narinder GuptaYes YYY Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-lxd-haJOID Narinder GuptaYes YYY Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-lxd-nohaJOID Narinder GuptaYes YYY Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-nofeature-nohaJOID Narinder GuptaYes YYY Target E 1.0
os-ocl-nofeature-haJOIDStuart MackieYes YYY Target E 1.0
os-ocl-nofeature-nohaJOIDStuart Mackie  Yes YYY Target E 1.0
os-ocl-nofeature-haApexStuart Mackie        Target E 1.0
os-ocl-nofeature-nohaApexStuart Mackie        Target E 1.0
os-ocl-nofeature-haCompass4NFVStuart Mackie        Target E 1.0
os-ocl-nofeature-nohaCompass4NFVStuart Mackie        Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-nofeature-haCompass4NFVJustin chi      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-nofeature-nohaCompass4NFVJustin chi      Target E 1.0
k8s-nosdn-nofeature-nohaCompass4NFVJustin chi      Target E 1.0
os-odl-nofeature-haCompass4NFVJustin chi      Target E 1.0
os-onos-sfc-haCompass4NFVJustin chi      Target E 1.0
os-onos-nofeature-haCompass4NFVJustin chi      Target E 1.0
os-odl-gluon-nohaApexGeorg Kunz      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-kvm-nohaCompass4NFVDavid Chou      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-kvm-haCompass4NFVDavid Chou      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-ovs_dpdk-nohaCompass4NFVDavid Chou      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-ovs_dpdk-haCompass4NFVDavid Chou      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-nofeature-nohaFuel/MCPMichael Polenchuk      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-nofeature-haFuel/MCPMichael Polenchuk      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-ovs-nohaFuel/MCPMichael Polenchuk      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-ovs-haFuel/MCPMichael Polenchuk      Target E 1.0
os-odl_l2-nofeature-nohaFuel/MCPMichael Polenchuk      Target E 1.0
os-odl_l2-nofeature-haFuel/MCPMichael Polenchuk      Target E 1.0
os-odl_l3-nofeature-nohaFuel/MCPMichael Polenchuk      Target E 1.0
os-odl_l3-nofeature-haFuel/MCPMichael Polenchuk      Target E 1.0
os-nosdn-openbaton-haJOIDMichael PaulsNo YYY Target E 1.0
k8-ovn-lb-nohaJOIDVikram Dham


 YYY Target E 1.0
 os-ovn-nofeature-nohaCompass4nfv Vikram Dham        Target E 1.0
os-ovn-nofeature-noha ApexVikram Dham        Target E 1.0
os-ovn-nofeature-nohaJOIDPrakash RamchandranYes YYY Target E 1.0